The Cary 100 is a cost- effective UV- visible spectrophotometer with a versatile set of accessories for routine laboratory work. Operating instructions - Cary 100 Bio UV- visible Spectrophotometer This document describes how to power up the spectrophotometer, set its measurement parameters, insert one or more of samples for analysis and collect data. The configuration. Cary 50 viii Publication date: 06/ 99 Panels, covers and modules The only module you are permitted to remove is the lamp module ( on the underside of the instrument). ALWAYS switch off the spectrophotometer before. Cary 100/ 300 only) at the rear of these are correctly set for the mains power supply in the specific outlet in your laboratory to which the equipment will be connected.

Software configuration 1. The screws you need to undo. Introduction The Cary 100 Bio UV- Vis instrument is a powerful double- beam spectrophotometer capable of quickly acquiring dat a in the spectral range from 200 to 900 nanometers. Cary 100 bio uv visible spectrophotometer manual. It is controlled by the Cary WinUV software, a Windows- based software featuring an easy- to- use modular design. This lab have direct links from the desktop to MSDS sheets, the EH& S Laboratory Safety Manual and to the CIF Safety Manual.

100/ 300/ 4000/ 5000/ 6000i Spectrophotometers. Both the deuterium and the visible lamps operate at high.