If you speed shift either type of transmission or slam gears of a manual transmission, you will cause accelerated wear of a shifter cable. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. My car worked fine this morning. Automatic transmission problem 1998 saturn SL2? CarSaturn is pleased to present a repair kit to address common problems in all Saturn S- Seriesautomatic transmissions.

The PCM determines which gear is selected by a combination of opens and grounds in circuits 771, 772, and 773 at the transaxle park/ neutral position switch. I cannot find one at salvage yards as they claim to cut the cable when removing the transmission. The Saturn MP Transmission were a series of 5- speed manual and 4- speed automatic transmissions that were manufactured by Saturn Corporation exclusively for the S- Series.

This is for automatic vehicles only. Cables have also been known to break, or under some circumstances bend, preventing them from moving the shift lever on the transmission into the correct position for the selected gear. 3 product ratings - Manual Trans Shift Cable fitsSaturn SL2 SC2 SC1, SL, SL1. Moving through the gears in your vehicle requires a set of shifter rods or cables so that you can select the appropriate gear, and there are shifter bushings that minimize any metal to metal contact; keeping each shift smooth and soft.

Instead of selling a device to repair the cable, the require you to buy the entire cable that costs around $ 500. What Do The Numbers and Letters Mean on an Automatic Transmission Shifter? Saturn SL Manual Transmission. In case you missed it the car is a 1998 SATURN SL1, 5 speed manual. Car starts but will not shift -. 1998 Saturn SL2 Base 4 Cyl 1.

Clutch will operate but car will not will shift out of 1st gear. At Allstate Gear Inc. Short video on how to get your shifter out of park when it' s stuck. I decided to change the fluid and filter since it has an external filter it was pretty easy. The shifter is very hard to shift in any forward gear, when sitting in neutral. GM Saturn SL1 SL2 Shifter Knob Automatic Gear Shift Handle Used.

If not, what can be the problem? All the problems I see listed here I have also experienced: the dome light went out some time in early 1998; the transmission has slammed into gear on a regular basis since around the 40, 000- mile mark ( summer 1999). Buy a 1998 Saturn SL1 Manual Trans Shift Cable at discount prices.

Now I am shocked that this one is doing the exact same thing but only at 116, 000. Each combination indicates a specific selection on the manual shift quadrant, P, R, N, D, 2, or 3. A manual transmission shift kit is the bridge between you and the transmission, and you want it to function well, be durable and look great all at the same time. If your Saturn SL1 transmission didn' t have shifter linkage components, then it would rely on voice commands. 1998 Saturn S- Series 4 Dr SL1 Sedan For Sale.

I didn' t even mess with it because I traded it in for this Saturn Ion. I have a 98 Saturn SL1, 100K miles, automatic. Saturn SC SW SL SL1 SL2 Delrin Manual Shifter Cable BushingWarranty See more like this NEW GM MANUAL TRANSMISSION SHIFT CABLESSATURN S SERIES GM# Fits: 1998 Saturn) Brand New. My 1998 Saturn SL2 has an automatic trans. , we offer a wide selection of high- quality manual shift components at some of the best prices you will find online or at local shops. If you' ve completed these steps with the engine off, move the shifter to the Neutral position to start the engine.
Modern transmission use a specific combination of shift solenoid ON position the perform the actual shifting. I have a 97SL2 manual. The man at my favorite parts store recommends I " clean cable. What might cause a 1998 Saturn SC2 manual trans to be hard to shift when stopped at a light though it shifts fine when rolling to a stop?

Com is the Internet' s leading used auto parts locator. One to correct the delay and harsh jolt putting the vehicle into gear- especially reverse. When I went to the parking lot after work it will no longer go into gear. Manual Transmission Floor Shifter problems of the 1998 Saturn SL2 Two problems related to manual transmission floor shifter have been reported for the 1998 Saturn SL2. Used Auto Parts for Sale. I have a 1997 Saturn Wagon with a 5 speed manual transmission.

Circuit 776 is either open. For the past year, I' ve been having a problem with the transmission ( I think). In cold weather the button that actives the shifter does not engage the gear shift. Ok so it was about a month ago my transmission was shifting hard.

A manual transmission, also known as a manual gearbox, a standard transmission or colloquially in some countries ( e. Used this method at least 5 times. Saturn S- Series Transmission Repair Kit. After doing some research, I found this is a very common problem with the Saturn Sc2. When i was backing out of a parking space to leave, it went into reverse ( as usual) but when I tried to shift out into first the stick became very loose and would not shift. Re: 98 saturn transmission wont shift correctly Sign In No reverse and no 2nd are notoriously often caused by the input shaft nut coming loose, there are air check tests and what not to check that fluid passage but it is easier to just pop off the end cover and check it.
I changed my shift knob from the stock plastic one, to a stock leather one. This is called the truth table. 1998 saturn manual gear shift positions. The provided kits include warranty and tech support! Selecting 3 would allow the automatic transmission to shift among 1st gear, 2nd gear and 3rd gear, but 4th gear would. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Transmission Position Sensor ( Switch) Common signs include the car not starting or moving, transmission going into a different gear than selected, and the vehicle going into limp mode.

Learn how these components work and how to test them. It is a 1997 Saturn SL manual 5 speed. The shifter cable in my 1998 Saturn SL1 manual trans broke at the shifter. Car running fine. " I was able to get into ( maybe) 4th gear and g.
Purchased a 1998 Saturn SL- 1 12/ 12/ 97 - - been driving it for 9- and- a- half years. They were designed for transverse engine applications and was deployed in vehicles that output up to 122 ft· lbf of engine torque. Can there be a problem with the transmission switch? Com helps you find used Saturn shift knobs and boots sold by top- rated salvage yards.
Which have very specific positions ( frequencies. 1998 Saturn SL2 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic i have gone so many times to try to get my car inspected and it will not pass due to the code p0706 I guess it has to do with the range switch. " My question is: how do I get the shifter t- handle apart to clean it? It is stuck in reverse but the gear shift seems totall. It’ s so easy, anyone can do it. Transmissions & Drivetrains - by David Swenson 11/ 27/.

Its for manual shift, slide the shifter over when in drive and you push the shifter up to + to shift up and down to - to down shift. Find great deals on eBay for 1998 saturn shift cable. I can not find where it is or what to do and no one knows. By the way, are synchros very expensive to have fixed or does anyone know. 5) While continuing to hold down the shift override mechanism, depress the brake pedal. I stopped at a traffic light on the way home from the store.
The knob comes off by pulling straight up on it, its just pressed on and it will come off with a good yank! Saturn S- Series Transmission Problems. It happens only when the car is hot and only in specific situations. I use to have a 1998 Saturn SL1 and it did the same exact thing but not until I had 250, 000 miles on it. So check your owners manual, as it will have the procedure to get it to shift, untill you can get it. Choose top quality brands ATP, Pioneer Cables.
Shop with confidence. See all problems of the 1998 Saturn SC2. If you decided to customize the interior of your vehicle, CARiD offers a great multitude of 1998 Saturn S- Series shifter kits in various finishes for an automatic and manual transmission. Com help you repair your broken shift cable bushings. This repair kit consists of ( 2) two repairs. We at Bushingfix.

Shifter on the " hump" between the front seats. To see how frequently Saturn S- Series problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. 1998 saturn manual gear shift positions.

We help people find quality used auto parts from reputable salvage yards throughout the United States, all while maintaining your privacy. Also check your fuse panel for a blown fuse Thank you. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Why wont your manual Saturn shift out of 1st gear. The plastic ball that holds the cable in the shift lever commonly breaks.

I work at saturn as a sales consultant. 98 saturn SL2 wont shift into gear when cold Only does this when the weather in the northeast turns frigid. 6) Now, grasp the shifter, push in the release button located on the shifter as you normally do and then move the shifter to the desired gear. The dealer wants over $ 200 for the part. 98 saturn won' t shift out of park - Saturn 1998 SL question.

I went to shift into 1st gear and the shift lever was " free spinning. The United States) as a stick shift, is a type of transmission used in motor vehicle applications.